Here at Ravencharm Rattery there will occasionly be litters. Rats will be paired based on health, temperament and conformation. Babies will be sold as pet-only unless you are an established rattery which is approved by me.

Take a look at the testimonials to see what past adopters have to say about their Ravencharm rat(s).

Adoption Information

  • Potential adopters are required to fill out an adoption application
  • Applications will be reviewed to determine good homes
  • Adopters are required to agree to and sign an adoption contract before taking their rat(s) home
  • Rats are never placed as feeders
  • Rats are always placed in same-sex pairs
  • Rats are placed as pet only, meaning they are not to be bred unless written approval is given by me
  • Rats are to be returned to Ravencharm Rattery if new home does not work out or if new owner can no longer care for them

Adoption Prices

I prefer payments to be made through paypal. I will also accept checks or money orders but it is not considered "paid" until it has cleared.
  • Standard colors and markings with Standard, Rex or Bristle coats- $20 each
  • Specialty colors and markings: Siamese, Burmese, Spotted Tabby, Downunder or Specialty Coats: Harley, Satin, Hairless - $40 each
  • Adults (4+ months old)- Half of their baby price (see above)
*All money goes directly back into caring for the rats. I make no profit from breeding.

Adoption Process

COVID POLICY: Due to resent events I have adjusted the process for adoptions. Currently we are not taking deposits and will instead be taking the full adoption fee up to one week before the babies go home.

HOW WILL THIS WORK?: A week before the babies are ready to go home I will send pictures of the available babies to those who have reached out to be on the list and will post them to my Facebook Page. The first to send the full adoption price will get their first picks. Those who do not reply after 3 attempts to contact will be removed from the list. If you need/want to wait until a different litter or for better timing please just reply and let me know, I am happy to keep you on the list as long as you want if I am getting a response so I know you are still interested.

WHY?: Since COVID has made things rather unpredictable I feel planning sooner than a week out could lead to complications. I do not wish to deal in cash at this time which is why the full adoption price is required ahead of time. Due to the large number of interest in babies, but also a large number who change their minds, it is much easier to just allow the first to pay to get their first choice, especially given only a week before they are ready to go.

Health Guarantee

This guarantee only covers rats bred at Ravencharm Rattery for the first 14 days after leaving the rattery against any congenital or hereditary defects. Rats adopted from Ravencharm must be properly quarantined for a period of no less than 14 days after leaving Ravencharm for the guarantee to be valid. I recommend that the adopter has all rats checked by a vet to ensure they are in good health within this period. The adopter must report any medical problems within the period of guarantee, reports made after the 14 days will be invalid. If the rat is deemed by a veterinarian to be in "unsound health" within the 14 day period the adopter may request a replacement for another rat of equal value. Ravencharm may request contact information for the veterinarian to validate the claim.