Located in Queen Creek, Arizona

If you wish to contact me with questions, comments or are interested in adopting use one of the options below or the contact information on the right. When using the forms it is important to put a valid email address so I can reply. You may also use Facebook to contact me.

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Adoption Application

1. Have you owned rats before? Yes No
2. Do you have rats currently? Yes No

If you answered "yes" to #1 or #2:
3. What genders? Male Female Both
4. How long have you owned rats?
5. How many rats do you have now?

6. Type of rat wanted? Pet-only Breeder
7. How much time will the rats spend outside the cage?
8. What food to you plan to feed your rats?
9. What type of bedding will you use?
10. What cage do you have (dimensions)?
11. Do you have a vet that treats rats? Yes No
      11b. If so, who?

Addition comments;
Such as a specific rat color, fur type, ear type, ect, that you want: