Welcome to Ravencharm Rattery!

Queen Creek, Arizona

Ravencharm Rattery is a small, hobby breeder of domestic pet rats (fancy rats) located in Queen Creek, Arizona. I am dedicated, first and foremost, to the well-being of my animals as they are beloved pets above all else. I breed in order to improve the fancy pet rat as a whole, so pairs are carefully selected and the lines are closely monitored. There will only be a few litters a year and only when I have a full waiting list of potential adopters.

I am currently working on several lines including: Russian Blue Siamese/Burmese, Blue Variegated Down Under, Beige Hairless, Cinnamon, Mink Berkshire, Spotted Tabby and Agouti Burmese. Focusing on Dumbo ears. Working on the following coats: Bristle, Rex, Satin and Harley. While developing these bloodlines there will be lots of different types, colors, coats, etc available!

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Registered: 5/22/2010
Ravencharm follows AFRMA standards
Registered: 8/13/2015