RAVN Secrets of Isis x RAVN Luken

Litter's Pedigree: CLICK HERE
Paired: February 5, 2012 - 9:30pm
Due: February 26/27th, 2012
Born: February 28th, 2012
Babies: 1 born (Passed March 2nd), rest never came - Antibiotics started to help her reabsorb unborn babies
Naming theme: None (Names are for my records, new owners may change them)
Purpose: Both parents have wonderful, loving personalities and great health. Improve the ears and head. Improve the darkness of points and overall shading (Isis is stunning and Archangel is very dark as well). Produce Siamese. Used a younger male as he was the best fit, a great improvement upon his father (Ace) which was the male I originally had planned to use, after much thought it would have been a step back to use Ace...therefore Archangel was used even though he is younger than preferred.
Expecting: 100% dumbo and 100% Siamese, possibility of Russian Blue Siamese.

Isis' weight
  • Feb 6: 317g
  • Feb 8: 317g
  • Feb 14: 345g
  • Feb 18: 356g
  • Feb 27: 402g
  • Mar 4: 352g