RAVN Ika x RAVN Little Drummer Boy

Paired: December 12, 2012
Due: January 3, 2012
Born: January 4, 2012
Babies: 7 live-born, 2 stillborn, 0 survived - Karma would not nurse them; attempts to hand raise and to use Huntress as a foster mother were unsuccessful
Purpose: Improve temperaments and health of the line by crossing in Ace's offspring into marked line. Produce dumbo ears. Ideally get blazed variegated and dalmatian.
Expecting:Mostly black with chance of blues in Irish, Berkshire, Variegated and Bareback...possibility of Dalmatian. Some dumbo ears.

Karma's weight
  • Dec 16: 230g
  • Dec 25: 245g
  • Dec 28: 250g
blazed variegated pregnant