Here you can find testimonials from people who have adopted from Ravencharm Rattery. If you have adopted from me and wish you add yours (with or without pictures), please contact me.

Happy Rat Parents!

twin rats
I wanted to thank you again for this beautiful baby boy. After I picked him up he immediately started to lick my hands and fingers. I went in to give him a little kiss and he grabbed my lip and started licking them too. He is happily exploring the hospital cage and snugglying into the pocket hammock right now. :)

twin rats
Hi Tanya! Thought you'd like to see a few current pics of the girls, Nilla & Bean, that we picked up on July 1st. The home cage is finally set up properly, after adding the last accessory of an 11" standard wheel (replacing the 9"). Nilla likes the 12" disc wheel on the bottom floor, while Bean likes the standard wheel upstairs. They did both use the standard wheel, at the same time, shortly after I installed it. Should've snapped a pic, but I wasn't fast enough. Actually, I was too entertained to move. Additionally, two hammocks, three stepping platforms & two houses are in full use. They love their mansion. "Couch Time" is a regular evening adventure. They've also become accustomed to the new travel cage & have no issues going mobile to Amy's, parked behind my seat in the 4Runner. Thanks for the perfect babies! Nilla & Bean thank you too!
Thanks Tanya!

Hello Tanya -
I adopted two female rats from you a little more than a year ago, in October of 2014. I'm glad to see that you are continuing to breed rats! And I wanted to let you know again just how terrific my two Ravencharm ratties continue to be. They are wonderful, happy and healthy girls. Ruckus in particular (I believe you had named her Ena) is a joy. Friendly, gentle and oh so soft, she charms everyone that she meets. Her half sister, now named Mayhem, is the unflappable one, adopting quietly to every situation. Both are doing great and have had no health issues. Ruckus in particular is an exceptional rat. Her demeanor is consistently friendly, interested and intelligent. Her fur is unusually soft and always sweet smelling. She is my "rat ambassador": People who professed discomfort with rats are nearly always charmed into reconsidering their opinions by her. Ruckus is always very gentle and calm. She is terrific with kids, even little ones who can't always be trusted to be terrific with her. And on top of all of that, she is also exceptionally cute.
I've directed interested individuals to your site - I do hope that you have enough business to keep up your fine breeding!
Thank you for my two girls!
Cathy and the Mischief

kid with rats
hi Tanya
I have been meaning to write you for what seems like ages now, but have been a bit distracted by RATS and summertime fun, along with the other usual stuff! :)
Here is a picture of Morgan with Cuddley on her can see Dumbo and Jumpy on the top shelf...they just finished out of cage play time and Naya Nuki (we are reading a book about her...she is an Indian girl who escaped one has escaped the cage of course but Naya was the one who figured out how to get out of the play area one day for a brief moment of excitement :). Morgan is thrilled w her rat friends and frequently tells us how much better they are as pets than a dog would have been. And, building the cage with dad and uncle was a fun experience, too.
Life is good -- thank you! Hope you are well!

black eyed siamese rat hammock
Sorry it took so long my camera has been missing. Yesterday Mocha and Latte came out on their cage on their own! Here are some pictures of them for you. The picture of Mocha out is this morning I was doing some stuff and he comes waltzing down the ramp like he owned the place and started checking everything out.
Thanks I love them

black eyes siamese rat with girl

Just wanted to send you an update saying how much we enjoy the two rats we got from Ravencharm Rattery! Here is my daughter Addeline with our rat Bloom. We named her sister rat Posey. They are the best rats I've ever had. Very healthy and happy. Bloom is definitely the dominant rat, but they get along really well and snuggle together to sleep at night. They are very good and patient with my girls and we just love them to bits.
Thanks for helping us find such great pets! Happy Spring!
Heather Williams

Lorna and Oliver's Litter

black eyed siamese rat baby
This is the baby rat we got from you (RAVN Selen). Our daughter named her Snow White. The rats are great friends and our older rat has taken to mothering Snow White. She will sit there and clean her and cuddle with her. They are both very social and come right out to us. We are really enjoying them. -Kim

black eyed siamese rat baby with kid
Tanya! Trixie is doing great! Playful, getting so big! We got her another playmate, and Ruby, the scardy rat, has really come a long way as well. I think Trixie is to blame for helping Ruby feel more comfortable with us.
We have some pictures of Trixie and my son, I'll send them to you! -Mollie

black eyes siamese rat babies on arm
They're getting huge :) Definitely [what I was looking for in a pet rat]. They're very sweet. -Corey

Hello Tanya: Pancake and Waffles (RAVN Truesilver and RAVN Tamara) are doing very well. We had them spayed at 6 months, and they have done well. They seem healthy and happy. I will have my daughter take some pictures and we'll send them on. Thanks. -Alan

Turtle x Rorschach's Litter

black eyed siamese rat
Hi Tanya, Sagan (RAVN Cupid) is doing great. No health issues thus far, though he does tend to pig out and gain weight quickly. He is very friendly, curious, and mischievous. Fairly mellow, but he doesn't like to sit still. He'll actually cry if you're holding him and keep him from exploring. He gets along great with this cage buddy Clarkson - a hairless dumbo - though he does tend to scratch him up a bit when they tussle. Not exactly his fault though. Thank you for checking in! -Sebastian

Mystique and Axel's Litter

black capped rat baby with food in cage
Dear Ravencharm, I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for our new baby girl! Scabbers is doing fantastic on her first night home. She has really bonded with me, is full of spunk, and has our other three girls in a state of frenzy to meet her. Here is the first picture of baby Scabbers, at home next to her food dish. Can't thank you enough for such a precious rat! -Ptahmassu

black berkshire rat baby in hand made hammock
Hi Tanya. The rats are doing great and are giving tons of kisses, they are energetic yet content. They are sooo cute!! I love them so much, they are littles balls of cuteness. Thank you and good luck on your current litter. I will keep in touch and tell you how they are doing. Here are the pictures, it was a bit hard cuz they kept trying to kiss my phone :) -Tashina

black capped rat baby with food in cage
Tanya, the boys are doing amazing. Lovable kissy and just all out sweetie pies! We adore them! They LOVE coming out and cuddling! It's so cute. They are awesome. An awesome addition to our family! -Cherie and Robbie


I am so impressed with the quality of your animals and the love and devotion to care that is so obvious in your writings. I wish that we lived closer because I am looking to get back into breeding and would love to work with someone such as yourself. Blessings to you and all your ratties. - Clinton

Thank you for the amazingly prompt response, and especially for keeping your website up to date and your lines well-bred. Thank you for running such a clean and professional operation, by the way! -Alexander