CAN Ace of Clubs, "Ace"

Black Self Dumbo Rex
NARR#: 100423/M
Born: February 4th, 2010
D.O.D: February 6th, 2012 (2 years, 0 months, and 2 days)
Breeder: CandiRats
Weight: 372g

Health: Ace has excellent health.
Temperament: Wonderful, loving and friendly personality. Adores people and loves to ride on shoulders! He gets along well with his cage mates. He is camera shy unless on his favorite place...someone's shoulder!
Conformation: Racy body with good bone. Large low set ears, lots of creases. Very nice head. Nice thick tail.
Notes: He was originally called velveteen by his breeder and throughout his pedigree this was used, I then researched back and his great great great grandmother was a rex bred to a standard coat, but their baby was called velveteen. I believe that this line is actually rex and not velveteen therefore Ace is listed under Rex now. Through breeding it was discovered that Ace is actually Burmese, the black color masks it.
Litter: RAVN Tiamat x CAN Ace of Clubs | Raven Darkholme of RAVN x CAN Ace of Clubs
Pedigree: CLICK HERE