FFCR Axel, "Axel"

Black Blazed Variegated (Dumbo Carrier)
NARR#: 101048/M
Born: May 18, 2010
D.O.D: September 21, 2011 (1 years, 4 months, and 3 days)
Breeder: Fun Family Rodentry
Weight: 480g

Health: Axle got a urinary tract infection which was quickly resolved with antibiotics. Vet said it should not be hereditary, just that some dust probably got up his urinary tract.
C.O.D: Necropsy results - White nodular masses attached to abdominal organs, possible metastatic neoplasia (cancer).
Temperament: Sweet boy, though can be a little shy with new people. Very energetic and doesn't like keeping still for very long!
Conformation: Good bone with racy body and thick tail. Great markings with nice large ears and good spacing. Nice head (a little long) and good structure. Axle is also an 'undisplayed' merle, since he only has one copy of the mink gene.
Litter: Raven Darkholme of RAVN x FFCR Axel
Pedigree: CLICK HERE