TBW Asiago, "Jubilee"

Doe, Himalayan Rex Dumbo
NARR#: 10TBW0091/01F
Born: August 14, 2010
D.O.D: January 28, 2011 (0 years, 5 months, and 14 days)
Breeder: Tumbleweed Rattery

Health: Jubilee had excellent health.
C.O.D: Jubilee suddenly passed away from respiratory distress. She was acting normal and seemed perfectly fine, then when I went to see her about 30 minutes later she was having trouble breathing...she passed within the hour before we could get her to an emergency vet.
Temperament: She was the most wonderful little girl. She was very cuddly and loved to be held. She got along great with her cage mates.
Conformation: White with dark points. Nice large, round, low set ears. Good conformation. Rex coat could be more curly.
Pedigree: CLICK HERE