TBW Lorna Doone, "Lorna"

Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo
NARR#: 10TBW0022/01F
Born: March 7, 2010
D.O.D: February 5, 2012 (1 years, 10 months, and 25 days)
Breeder: Tumbleweed Rattery

Health: Lorna developed a tumor on her leg, was removed twice but came back swiftly. After talking with my vet it was decided to not have it removed again and to instead keep her healthy and happy as long as her quality of life is good. Later, the tumor on her leg ulcerated so it was decided that the best coarse of action was euthanasia.
C.O.D: Euthanasia to prevent suffering
Temperament: Friendly and loves to get attention. She gets along great with her cage mates.
Conformation: Nice head with great ears. Nice points with good shading.
Litter: TBW Lorna Doone x CAN Mr. Oliver Bumble
Pedigree: CLICK HERE