Raven Darkholme of RAVN, "Mystique"

Doe, Blue Variegated Dumbo
NARR#: 110330/F
BRBB#: RAVN2011/52F
Born: December 11, 2010

Health: Mystique has excellent health.
Temperament: The sweetest little rat, she loved being on my shoulder the moment I got her. Gives lots of kisses and enjoys cuddling her humans. Gets along well with her cage mates though tries to be the boss.
Conformation: Nice low-set and round ears. Nice head with beautiful spot on her forehead. Great bone and a nice, large girl. Thick tail. Her variegation (patches) are clustered together instead of evenly distributed.
Additional notes: She was adopted from a mom and pop type of petstore around 4 or 5 weeks old. They had her in the back and she was the only friendly baby I met there. First blue rat I've seen in person.
Litters: Raven Darkholme of RAVN x FFCR Axel | Raven Darkholme of RAVN x CAN Ace of Clubs
Pedigree: CLICK HERE