TBW Garnet, "Rorschach"

Black-Eyed Siamese Dumbo
NARR#: 09TBW0112/04M
Born: August 27th, 2009
D.O.D: July 5th, 2011 (1 years, 10 months, and 8 days)
Breeder: Tumbleweed Rattery
Weight: 462g

Health: Rorschach had excellent health, and then at 21 months old he started to show symptoms of a Pituitary tumor.
C.O.D: Euthanasia, deteriorating health from Pituitary tumor.
Temperament: A total cuddle bug who loves to give kisses! He gets along wonderfully with his cage mates and loves to meet new people.
Conformation: Wonderful dark points with good shading. Nice head with good large, round, low set ears.
Litter: TBW Turtle Soup x TBW Garnet
Pedigree: CLICK HERE