FFCR Thunder, "Thunder"

Mink Self (Dumbo Carrier)
NARR#: 101045/M
Born: June 28, 2010
D.O.D: November 20, 2011 (1 years, 4 months, and 22 days)
Breeder: Fun Family Rodentry
Weight: 600g

Health: Thunder developed an abscess from playing rough with cage mates, antibiotics and cleaning cleared it up.
C.O.D: Unknown, no outward signs and was simply gone when I check in the morning. Since he is completely unrelated to my lines and wasn't used in my breeding program no necropsy was performed.
Temperament: Very cuddly boy who loved everyone. Momma's little cuddle-bug who enjoyed getting and giving smooches.
Conformation: He has a wonderful ear set, good body size and decent bone structure. His tail is a bit short and not as thick as desired, but it is decent.
Pedigree: CLICK HERE